Photo: Me (Tamaris) and Bede. Owners and makers at Ellenic.

Ellenic aprons and accessories are hand crafted for you in the surrounding Byron Bay hinterland using quality Italian leather and materials. Our aim is to create timeless pieces that will also stand the test of time - with longevity to pass on to the next generation. We don't make large quantities, but smaller quantities with attention to detail and quality control.


Photo: The surrounding Byron Bay Hinterland 

The idea of Ellenic started when I was working for my fathers business HNT Gordon & Co - a manufacturer of high quality woodworking planes and vices. I soon realised that a well designed leather apron was not only practical for the harsh conditions of a manufacturing workshop, but could also be used for many other purposes to protect clothing. I decided to design and make my first apron branded for my fathers business, which was very popular amongst wood workers. 

Together with my partner Bede, we decided to start Ellenic - a unique combination of our two middle names 'Ellena' and 'Domonic'. Ellenic aprons not only protect your clothing, but have the ability to compliment your outfit. We love the versatility of the apron, whether it be used in the woodworking shed, at the bbq, in the garden, over the top of your best clothes when you are cooking for a special event! The options are endless, and make you feel amazing every time you slip it over your shoulders.


          Photo: Bede hand cutting leather straps.