Blue Leather Apron - No Pockets

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This blue apron is hand crafted from quality Italian leather and solid brass buckles. We have designed our aprons with unique timber name badges, which are properly dried and engraved. We use cook town ironwood detailing when using tan leather straps, or ebony detailing when matching to dark brown leather straps.

 All of our aprons are unisex with optional pockets. We designed this apron with cross over back straps to avoid added pressure on the back of you neck. These straps have the ability to be adjusted to suit a large range of sizes (from 5 foot to 6 foot). If you are unsure about these fitting your height please contact us and we can custom make one for you.

This blue apron comes with no pockets, which is perfect for many tasks where pockets aren't necessary and may be in the way. 

Weighs 600g and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

 Small Sizing:

Apron - 69 cm long x 51 cm wide.

Waist strap – will fit waists ranging from 76cm – 95 cm
(measure at the lowest part of you back).

 Large Sizing:

 Apron – 78cm long x 51cm wide.

Waist strap – will fit waists ranging from 76cm – 114cm
(measure at the lowest part of you back).

Note: please contact us if you require a custom back strap or apron front and we can make one for you.